When searching for homes for sale in Barton Hills neighborhood of 78704, you have many choices and we sought out to document in video, the sections of Barton Hills where you may want to buy a home.  

This is Ryan Rodenbeck with Spyglass Realty and today we're on the top of Kathy Cove in the Horseshoe Bend section of Barton Hills Neighborhood.  As you can see we've got great views on the top of Kathy Cove and one of the neighbors here allowed me to use a section of his yard to shoot this video which showcases the downtown views from these homes.  There are about ten homes on this small street and most of them have views of downtown Austin.  The reason we're looking at this street right now is that we're showcasing this section, which is the Horseshoe Bend section of Barton Hills.  Horseshoe Bend is the south section of Barton Hills and it includes streets such as Tether Trail, Mountain View Dr, Forest Bend Dr and parts of Barton Hills Dr.  The only potential down-side of Horseshoe Bend is that it's not AS walkable to Lamar as other sections of this neighborhood.  But many of the homes here make up for that in the views that they have.  Its hard to beat the views here in Horseshoe Bend and you don't really get as good a views in other parts of Barton Hills except for a couple of streets on the northern side, like Homedale.  We're also real close to Gus Fruth entrance of the greenbelt.  The Gus Fruth entrance of the greenbelt is one of the nicest, family friendly sections of the Barton Creek Greenbelt.