Below are some of the renovations that we've completed over the past 6 years. Some of the essential services we provide to sellers include renovation services, staging services, professional photos, advanced internet marketing and contract negotiations. This level of time and effort makes us more invested in your success selling your home than the average agent. If you would like a consultation on how we can increase the value of your home, schedule a consultation.

Leander Remodel for an Investor Seller

We coordinated the remodel of this home in Leander, TX and the end result looks amazing.  

Round Rock Remodel for Starter Home Sale

Raising the value of a "starter" home in Round Rock was the goal of this home seller.  With about $15,000 in cosmetic upgrades, we raised the value from $170K - $175K to $200K, which was the latest and most comparable sold listing in the neighborhood.  But, because we used our coming soon package, we were able to drive the price up to $210,000.  

Zilker Neighborhood Light Remodel and Staging

With a budget of about $7,500, we were able to remove the 70's wall tile in the shared bathroom, paint the entire inside of this Zilker Neighborhood bungalow, have the property cleaned, staged and videoed to put on the market.  The after pictures speak for themselves.  

From Rental to Retail - A seller invests $20,000 and it increased the value by more than $40,000

South Austin Remodel for a Buyer after the Sale

August 2016 Remodel

June 2016 South Austin Remodel and Staging

Village of Western Trails Remodel and Home Staging

South Austin Renovation

East Austin Renovation

Cherry Creek Renovation

A Staging Story

Staging Pflugerville

Renovation and Staging Can Increase Value

House in 78704

South Austin

This one is a few years old and our furniture inventory is much better now but these sellers had the property listed on MLS by a flat fee, discount agent. The pictures in the "before" were actual pictures from the first listing. It was listed for 2 months. We put it under contract in 11 days.

Here's what they had to say

Barton Hills Home

This seller had his home listed on MLS a couple of months prior to us taking putting it on. With a small budget of only $3500 we were able to sell the home within 5 days.

Here's what he had to say

We were given a $2200 budget to paint and renovate this property. We put carpet in the bedrooms, replaced the flooring in the shared bath and painted the entire home and then staged and photographed it.

Before and after of Travis Country home. Classic example of how big a difference staging and professional photography can make.

South Austin renovation. On a $25,000 budget, more than $50,000 of value was added to this home.